CT Scan

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A computed tomography (CT) scan is a series of X‑ray images taken at different angles and processed by a computer. This creates 3D, cross‑sectional models of a specific area of the body. CT scans can precisely show internal organ structure and tissues, and determine the presence of any abnormalities.

Benefits of CT

Because CT scans produce high detail and additional information for the radiologist to analyze, they are often used to deliver more accurate diagnosis than X-ray or ultrasound. Depending on the type of scan required, a contrast dye may be needed to enhance the internal structures inside your body.

Technology with You in Mind

In 2016, we acquired and installed the Toshiba Aquilion Prime 160 Slice CT machine, delivering the most advanced CT imaging technology available for patients in our community. In addition to maximized image detail, this technology offers:

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