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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans use a strong magnetic field, in conjunction with radio wave pulses and computer processing, to create precise two-dimensional (2‑D) and three-dimensional (3‑D), cross‑sectional images of internal organs and structures. These images can be generated from multiple angles during a single scan. In certain cases, MRI scans are a more effective form of diagnostic imaging than CT scans.

Benefits of MRI

MRI scans produce extremely detailed images of soft-tissue anatomy. With the ability to highlight differences between tissues within the body, MRI is an excellent tool in diagnosing conditions related to the spine, brain, and musculoskeletal system, as well as studying other areas of the body. MRI also supports the study of blood vessels through a technique called Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA). Depending on the area being scanned, a contrast dye may be needed to enhance the internal structures inside your body.

Our Technology

At MD Imaging, we offer three types of MRI to appropriately match the right study with each patient, including short-bore MRI, open MRI, and 3T MRI. We invest in the most advanced MRI technology that is comparable to larger, urban imaging centers, so you and your doctor can get reliable answers closer to home.

Open MRI

Our GE OpenSpeed MRI technology was built with patient comfort in mind. OpenSpeed is an open MRI system, which means patients remain in a spacious environment during their exam. This technology is the only MRI of its kind in our community and offers nearly 360 degrees of wide open space, faster scan times, a quieter patient experience, and holds patients up to 500 lbs. Open MRI helps combat anxiety sometimes caused by claustrophobia during traditional MRI exams.

Short-Bore MRI

Similar to open MRI, short-bore MRI offers greater patient comfort. Short-bore MRI features a shorter scanning tube (bore), which provides a more spacious feeling during an exam. We offer two short-bore MRI systems.


Tesla (T) is the unit that measures the strength of a magnetic field. Our 3T (or 3 Tesla) MRI offers a magnetic field two times stronger than the average MRI. This means the images produced have much higher detail.

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